NeedHelp is a web app that let you take contact, via email, with other persons in case of emergency. It is specially designed to be used with all kind of smartphones.


In the free version you can write the email address of somebody you trust. The app will automatically attach a Google maps link to the email message so the receiver can see your exact location in the world if you are using a smartphone.


In the free version you can contact up to three other persones so you can have a fair chance to get help.

This could save the life of one member in your family

In the paid version of NeedHelp you can save up to four email addresses in advance. Everybody knows that in big difficulties often it is hard to remember information accurately, such as the email address of a group of persons.


The paid version is a great deal for families or groups because of the very affordably price that is lower than the price of a package of cigarettes monthly


Up to five persons at the same time can use our app .

It is very easy to:

add persons

change password

change principal email address

And you get confirmation by email when somebody changes important information such as password or principal email address.

NeedHelp app

paid version

  • Cheap
  • Fast
  • Less to write
  • email addresses already in the memory
  • In worst situation just push the Send button to show the family where you are.


NeedHelp free version

NeedHelp paid version

In your own city or somewhere else in the world, this app will make it easier to find each other.

You find the app here:

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